Paige Renkoski: The Michigan Schoolteacher That Vanished

Paige Marie Renkoski was a substitute schoolteacher from Okemos, Michigan who disappeared under mysterious circumstances on May 24, 1990. At the time of her disappearance, Paige was 28 years old and was in the process of getting divorced. She had a young son and was described as being a responsible and caring mother.


According to reports, Paige was last seen at around 9:30 PM on May 24th, driving her car on I-96 near Fowlerville, Michigan. She had been visiting a friend in Brighton, Michigan earlier in the evening, and was on her way back home to Okemos when she disappeared.

Paige’s car was found abandoned on the side of the road the following morning, with her purse and keys inside. There were no signs of a struggle or any indication of what might have happened to her.

Paige’s Been Missing for 30+ Years

The investigation into Paige’s disappearance has been ongoing for over 30 years, and her family and friends are still searching for answers. They have never given up hope that she will be found, and they continue to raise awareness about her case in the hope of generating new leads.

Theories on Her Disappearance

In the years following Paige’s disappearance, several theories have emerged about what might have happened to her. Some people believe that she may have been the victim of a carjacking or abduction, while others think that she may have run into problems with her ex-husband or another individual.

The Case is Open and Active

Despite the passage of time, the case remains open and active, and the Okemos Police Department continues to investigate leads and follow up on new information. They are urging anyone with information about Paige’s disappearance to come forward and contact them.

Paige’s case is just one of many missing person cases that remain unsolved, and it serves as a reminder of the many families who are left waiting for answers. If you have any information about Paige Marie Renkoski or her disappearance, please contact the Okemos Police Department at (517) 349-4220.