13 Curves Haunted Legend of New York

The legend of Thirteen Curves in Marcellus, NY is a story that has been passed down for generations in the small town located in New York state. According to the legend, 13 Curves is a stretch of road that is known for being particularly treacherous, with a series of sharp turns and steep drops that have claimed the lives of many travelers over the years.

Origins of the 13 Curves Legend

The legend begins in the early 1900s, when Marcellus was a small, isolated farming community. At the time, the only way to reach the town was by a winding, dirt road that snaked through the hills and forests of the region. This road, known as 13 Curves, was infamous for its dangerous turns and steep inclines, and many travelers avoided it if at all possible.

One day, a young couple traveling through Marcellus decided to take the road despite the warnings, hoping to reach the town before nightfall. As they navigated the winding path, their car lost control on one of the sharp turns and tumbled down the steep embankment, killing them both.

Ghosts Start Appearing

From that day on, the legend of 13 Curves began to spread, with many locals claiming that the ghosts of the young couple haunt the road, causing accidents and tragedies for those who dare to travel it.

Some say that the ghosts can be seen standing on the side of the road, beckoning travelers to join them in death. Others claim that the ghosts cause cars to lose control on the sharp turns, as if an unseen hand were guiding them to their doom.

Locals Claim It’s Still Haunted

Despite the legend, 13 Curves remains a popular route for travelers passing through Marcellus, and many locals still swear by its haunted reputation. Whether or not the ghosts of the young couple truly haunt the road, one thing is certain: the legend of 13 Curves is a testament to the enduring power of folklore and the human desire to believe in the supernatural.

How to Take the Drive

If you’d like to take the drive and see if you experience the paranormal then check out the driving directions on Google Maps.