Nick Begich Has Never Been Found and Neither Has the Plane

Nicholas Joseph Begich Sr served as a Democrat in the US House of Representatives from Alaska. He is presumed to have died in the crash of a light aircraft in Alaska in 1972; his body was never found and neither has the airplane. 

On October 16, 1972, Nicholas Joseph Begich Sr., a United States Representative from Alaska, was on board a small plane that disappeared while flying from Anchorage to Juneau. Begich, who was accompanied by House Majority Leader Hale Boggs of Louisiana and two others, was en route to attend a fundraiser for Begich’s re-election campaign.

According to reports, the plane encountered bad weather and low visibility as it approached Juneau. The pilot, Don J. Jonz, radioed the Juneau airport to request permission to land, but the plane never arrived. Despite extensive search efforts, no trace of the plane or its occupants was found.

One of the Greatest Mysteries in Aviation History

The case of the missing plane and its passengers, including Begich, remains one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history. Theories about what happened to the plane have ranged from foul play and sabotage to mechanical failure and pilot error. Some have even suggested that the plane may have been the victim of a UFO encounter.

Over the years, various search efforts have been launched to try to find the missing plane, but none have been successful. The case remains open, and the families of the missing individuals, including Begich’s, continue to hold out hope that one day they may be able to find answers and bring their loved ones home.