Paula Jean Welden went walking in Vermont and was never seen again

Paula Jean Welden disappeared December 1, 1946 while out for a walk in Vermont on the Long Trail Hiking Route and was never seen again. Her whereabouts and fate remain undetermined as she was never found and this case remains unsolved.

The sheriffs at the time were called out for performing a terrible investigation and this later led to the creation of the Vermont State Police. Shockingly, she is one of several unsolved disappearances in the same area of Vermont.

Paula Jean Welden Vanished

On December 1, 1946, 18-year-old Paula Jean Welden vanished while taking a leisurely hike on Vermont’s Long Trail. The disappearance of the Bennington College student sent shockwaves through the small community and sparked a massive search effort that would last for months.

Despite an extensive investigation, authorities were unable to find any trace of Welden or determine what had happened to her. The case remains one of Vermont’s most enduring mysteries and has captured the imagination of armchair detectives and true crime enthusiasts for decades.

Last Time She Was Seen

Welden was last seen on the afternoon of December 1, when she set out on a hike along the Long Trail, a 272-mile footpath that runs the length of Vermont. She had been planning to meet a friend at a local inn, but never arrived. When Welden failed to return home, her family contacted authorities and a search was launched.

The Search

Over the next few days, hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement officers scoured the woods and fields around Bennington, hoping to find some sign of Welden. Search parties combed the Long Trail and nearby roads, but came up empty.

As the weeks turned into months, the search for Welden became one of the largest and most expensive in Vermont’s history. The case attracted national media attention and prompted widespread speculation about what had happened to the young woman.

Some theorized that Welden had been abducted by a stranger, while others suggested she may have gotten lost or been the victim of an accidental fall. Still others speculated that she may have left of her own accord, possibly to start a new life or escape personal problems.

The Case Remains an Unsolved Mystery

Despite the many theories and leads, however, authorities were unable to solve the case. Welden’s disappearance remains one of Vermont’s most enduring mysteries, with many people still searching for answers all these years later.

As the years have passed, the case has garnered a great deal of public interest, with numerous books, articles, and documentaries exploring the various theories and possible scenarios. But despite the ongoing interest, the mystery of Paula Jean Welden’s disappearance remains as perplexing as ever.