Navajo Indian Encounters with the Anasazi

Join Navajo Historian, Wally Brown, in this captivating video as he delves into the traditional Navajo stories passed down through generations, recounting fascinating encounters between the Navajo people and the ancient Anasazi civilization.

Begin by witnessing the riveting tale of the Gambler, where an Anasazi gambler and a Navajo gambler engage in a high-stakes game with much more than mere winnings at stake.

With the guidance of the Holy People, the Navajo gambler triumphs over the deceitful Anasazi, setting into motion a remarkable chain of events leading to the liberation of numerous slaves held by the Anasazi.

Prepare to be enthralled by yet another enthralling narrative – the tale of the last Anasazi leader. As the Holy People bring about the fall of the Anasazi civilization, they leave behind the last leader, transforming him into an arrow. Witness as a brave Navajo man sends the arrow soaring into the vast southern sky in an awe-inspiring act of transformation.

These mesmerizing stories, rich with wisdom and historical significance, offer a fresh perspective on the ancient past, defying conventional narratives and revealing untold chapters of Navajo-Anasazi interactions.