Bobby Bizup Went Missing in the Rockies

Bobby Bizup, a young boy from Denver, Colorado, disappeared from a Catholic church camp at Mount St. Malo near Allenspark, in August of 1958.

According to reports, Bobby was last seen at the camp’s dining hall at around 6:30 p.m. that evening. When he didn’t show up for evening roll call, a search was launched, but Bobby was nowhere to be found. Despite extensive search efforts by local law enforcement, volunteers, and even the FBI, no trace of Bobby has ever been found.

The Missing 411 Connection

Over the years, various theories have been proposed to try to explain what happened to Bobby. One theory that has garnered attention is presented by investigator and author David Paulides.

Paulides believes that Bobby’s disappearance may be connected to a phenomenon he calls “Missing 411,” which refers to the strange and seemingly unexplainable disappearances of people in national parks and rural areas.

According to Paulides, many of the cases he has studied share common characteristics, such as a lack of footprints or other physical evidence at the scene, the sudden and unexpected disappearance of the individual, and the inability of search and rescue teams to locate the missing person despite extensive efforts.

In some cases, Paulides claims that the missing individuals have been found miles away from their last known location, often in remote or difficult-to-access areas.

While the Missing 411 theory has not been widely accepted by mainstream investigators and researchers, it has gained a significant following among those who are interested in unexplained mysteries and unsolved cases.

Some believe that there may be a supernatural or paranormal explanation for the disappearances, while others think that there may be more mundane explanations, such as human trafficking or murder.

Despite the lack of concrete answers, the case of Bobby Bizup and others like it continue to fascinate and perplex people around the world. The families of the missing individuals, including Bobby’s, hold out hope that one day they will be able to find answers and bring their loved ones home.