Cygnus Constellation Mystery Documentary

The Cygnus constellation, or Greek for swan is a prominent constellation on the same plane as the Milky Way and is very visible in the Northern Sky in summer and fall. Cygnus features a very specific pattern of stars known as the Northern Cross, and is located near the great rift of the Milky Way. In many ancient societies the Great Rift represented a pathway to the afterlife. Many different myths surround the Cygnus constellation.

From Greek mythology: Phaeton, unable to control the chariot of the sun, careens wildly though the heavens, scorching the earth. Zeus strikes the impetuous charioteer with a bolt of lightning, causing him to fall and crash into the river. His close friend, Cygnus, pleads with Zeus for help. Zeus then transforms Cygnus into a swan so he can dive deeply, in an attempt to reach his fallen friend. In honor of this final act of service, Zeus places the image of Cygnus in the heavens for all eternity.

More interesting is the fact that many ancient cultures seemed to pay great respect to the Cygnus Constellation, many saying that it was a bird in the sky that gave way to creation and flew souls to and from the afterlife upon it’s back. A version of the cosmic bird is found in most major ancient cultures around the globe including the Egyptians, Incas, Mayans, and the Native Americans of North America.

In the very interesting documentary below you will see some amazing compelling research and evidence regarding the importance of the Cygnus constellation to ancient peoples around the globe, and may be the key to understanding ancient rituals and practices among the ancient religions. So please take a moment clear your mind and discover the mystery of the Cygnus constellation.