Aliens and Nazi UFOs

The Nazi regime and UFOs may not be two things that you immediately link together when looking at history. It is well known that Hitler was very interested in the occult, and in making contact with more evolved beings then ourselves in order to further his plans.

It is known fact the Nazi UFOs have been discovered, and are believed to be the infamous “foo fighters” of WW2. The following documentary courtesy of UFOTV on YouTube, presents some very compelling information that may change the way we see things.

Is it possible that Nazi scientists were helped by aliens, in developing anti-gravity capabilities? Were extraterrestrials responsible for Nazi UFOs that were reported in WW2?

Hitler was willing to do anything and everything to attain power, so the idea of trying to contact aliens is not so out of the question. Some of his high ranking officials even admitted to the fact that Nazi UFOs developed with aliens.

Dr. Hermann Oberth was the pioneer of German rocket design for the 3rd Reich during WW2, and later US manned space missions was quoted as saying:

“We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped.”

When asked by whom, he replied:“The people of other worlds.”

Third Reich Aerospace engineer, who after the war worked for NASA, Werhner Von Braun who is credited with being the “Father of Rocket Science” alluded to knowledge of the extra-terrestrial entities when he stated in 1959:

“We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and within six or nine months time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter.”

From “Above Top Secret” by Timothy Good, William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1988.

Does this prove that aliens were pivotal in the development of Nazi UFOs? If not, what were these two scientists speaking of?