Orion Constellation Earth Connection

The Orion Constellation is one of the most recognizable constellations in the sky, but why was it so important to our ancient ancestors?

The Orion Constellation is visible in the winter here in the northern hemisphere, and is easily identified by the belt portion.

The belt of the Orion Constellation is 3 bright stars in a row that seemed to hold great importance to ancient cultures. The pattern of these 3 stars are mirrored here on Earth in various spots around the globe.

This will be the first in a series of posts profiling different ancient cultures that were fascinated with the Orion Constellation. One main factor among all the cultures I will be focusing on is that this spot in the Orion Constellation, is viewed as the birth place, a place of creation for humanity.

This is fascinating because a photo sent back in mid 2000 by the Hubble telescope revealed that particular area of the Orion Nebula to be a literal “birthplace” of stars and planetary bodies. The Orion Constellation was so important to ancient peoples that they aligned their most important sites according to the stars, perhaps not only as a way to mirror where they believed we came, but to leave a clue to later peoples where to look.

The Hopi Tribe and the Orion Constellation

First I would like to focus on the Hopi tribe of the southwestern US. The Hopi have completed what is the most elaborate representation of the Orion Constellation here on Earth. Both the layout of the tribes major monuments, and villages, and their mythology are focused on Orion.

The Hopi migrated from village to village for generations until finally settling at what they call the 3 mesas in northern Arizona. These mesas naturally mirror the belt stars of the Orion Constellation, which it is said was the reason the Hopi settled here.

Now this is amazing as it is but you can see in the photo below, they have place all of their major monuments and villages in positions corresponding with the major stars of the Orion Constellation.

This would have taken centuries to do. There legends also say that the Hopi would follow a star across the sky that would stop when they were to stop and build a location. A spaceship perhaps?

According to Hopi legend their creator god Masau’u was there waiting for the Hopi and led them for hundreds of years until they reached the mesas. He instructed them to stay there and wait for his return. He taught them agriculture and told them where to build their villages.

He was said have descended from the sky, to land in the Arizona desert. Was this god a traveler from the Orion Constellation, instructing the Hopi to mirror the area in the sky that they came from? The coincidences are to many for me to believe that the Hopi were not visited by a traveler from the Orion Constellation.