Gods Of Cydonia By Richard C. Hoagland

Cydonia, Mars, the location of the controversial face structure has been a topic of much debate. Is it true that an ancient alien society existed in Cydonia as some theorists profess? The idea of an ancient civilization on another planet is of course very fascinating, and the fact that we have not yet sent a man to mars makes it even more intriguing.

I have found a few really interesting documentaries that I would like to share with our readers on the subject of Cydonia. The first one is titled “Gods Of Cydonia – The Case for Ancient Structures In The Solar System”. This is presented by prominent Cydonia researcher Richard C. Hoagland this is a very informative lecture in which he gives the viewer plenty of background on Cydonia, the structures found there and the controversy surrounding this region of mars. Also he shows plenty of visual evidence to back his theory. Some of the information that he presents has been kept quiet by NASA.

He draws from his 20 odd years of research to prove that the structures on Mars are very real and are definately not natural. Do the structures on Cydonia point to those that came before us? That I am not certain but Mr. Hoagland definitely gives us something to think about in this lecture. This is a very informative and interesting watch, and clocks in at an hour and a half so set aside some time to enjoy this one.