4 Facts About Stonehenge

Stonehenge is an ancient megalithic structure in Wiltshire, England.

The complex is comprised of a ring of standing stones that are placed up right pinned within the earth among England’s largest cluster of ancient monuments as well as hundreds of burial sites.Archaeologists claim it began being built around 3000 BC but have no definitive way of actually proving that as carbon dating among other methods have proven to be extremely flawed.

Now that you know the background, here are 4 facts about Stonehenge that will make you want to shart.

  1. The original builders used picks made of antlers to dig the circular ditch that was the beginning stages of Stonehenge.
  2. As of 2013 more than 50,000 cremated bones have been found at the site.
  3. Researchers believe more than 4000 people attended the site twice each year for festivals.
  4. The largest stones at the site standing as high as 24 feet above ground and weigh upwards of 50 tons.

Hopefully these fast facts on ancient Stonehenge will inspire all of you to think about these ancient civilizations and the mind blowing feats they were able to pull off, many of which we cannot replicate today.