Giant Heads on Easter Island Have Bodies

It has been discovered that the  mysterious giant heads on Easter Island have bodies!  Yes bodies, how amazing is that?  I for one have always been fascinated with these giant stone heads, or Moai, as they are called.

How did they get there?  Who put them there, aliens?  I always wondered if they were signaling for someone to come or trying to scare someone away.

With this recent discovery the mystery of these giants becomes even harder to understand.  Archaeologists have been carefully excavating some of the statues, and have discovered bodies underground making the statues 7 meters tall. That is almost 23 feet!

It is often speculated that is was the building and transporting of these statues that caused the demise of the mysterious Polynesian population which once inhabited the island.

The people of the island used up nearly all of their natural resources to erect these statues,so the significance of them must have been paramount to the people living there, but why?