Out of Body Experience Documentary

The Out Of Body Experience or as it is sometimes referred to OOBE, or OBE, is the sensation of one leaving their own body, and in some cases even being able to perceive their own body.

This is a highly controversial topic as mainstream science views the Out Of Body Experience as merely a hallucination brought on by other factors. I attribute this to the fact that scientists no little about the phenomenon.

That being said 1 in 10 people have reported experiencing an Out Of Body Experience at least once in their lives, the majority reporting more than once.

An Out Of Body Experience can be induced in many ways, both intentional and accidental. Most common are near death, or brain trauma induced.

However intentional Out Of Body Experience seekers have successfully used psychedelics, sensory deprivation, and even deep meditation to achieve the desired result.

The term was first coined in 1943 and was subsequently used by other researchers interchangeably for astral projection or spirit walking.

Some parapsychologists feel that this gives evidence of a soul, or spirit and it’s ability to leave the body to visit locations other than the one the physical body is in.

I am not going to give tips or instructions on how to have an Out Of Body Experience, because I feel it is something that should be taken seriously, but I am including an excellent documentary featuring the late great Robert Monroe.

Mr. Monroe is known for his research into altered states of consciousness, and wrote a book in 1971 entitled “Journeys Out Of The Body”.

So please sit back and enjoy as this is a must see for all interested in experiencing an Out Of Body Experience.