Inside the Infamous Red Room of the Amityville House

The “red room” in the Amityville horror house has become an infamous and enigmatic part of the haunting legend. This hidden room, discovered by the Lutz family after they moved into the house, was a small, windowless chamber located in the basement.

It had blood-red walls, hence the name “red room,” and was reportedly a focal point for paranormal activity. The Lutz family claimed that the room had an oppressive and malevolent energy, with a temperature much colder than the rest of the house.

They believed it to be a source of the evil that had taken hold of their new home, adding to the overall sense of terror and dread they experienced during their time there.

The existence of the red room has sparked both intrigue and skepticism, the red room remains a significant part of the Amityville haunting narrative and continues to be a subject of debate and speculation, adding to the enduring mystery of this infamous case.