4 CNY UFO Sightings You Never Heard About

When it comes to New York State all you hear about is NYC. That’s unfortunate because the rest of the state is far more beautiful and fun than that boring ass dirty city.

When it comes to UFO Sightings the same applies. Everyone has heard about sightings over New York City but have you heard about the sightings that took place in Central New York? Probably not. Here are the Top 4 UAP Sightings that happened in CNY.

Top 4 UFO Sightings in Central New York

1. The 1965 UFO Incident: On the evening of September 3, 1965, multiple witnesses reported a series of UFO sightings across several states, including Central New York.

Residents observed a string of lights moving in a V-formation over the region, sparking widespread curiosity and prompting numerous reports to local authorities. The incident became known as the “Northeast Blackout UFO.”

2. The Utica Incident: In 2004, several witnesses in Utica reported a sighting of a large, triangular-shaped craft hovering silently in the sky. The object was described as having bright lights at each corner and was observed for an extended period before disappearing without a sound.

This incident generated considerable local interest and discussions within the UFO community.

3. The Rome Incident: In the early 1980s, an intriguing case emerged from Rome, NY, involving multiple witnesses who claimed to have encountered a UFO. Witnesses reported seeing a bright, disc-shaped object hovering low in the sky, emitting a pulsating light.

This event sparked debates and investigations, though it remains a subject of controversy and fascination.

4. The Oswego County Sightings: In Oswego County, there have been sporadic reports of UFO sightings, including accounts of strange lights and objects moving erratically across the night sky.

While these incidents might not have gained as much attention as others, they contribute to the region’s history of unexplained aerial phenomena.

These incidents, among others, have left an indelible mark on Central New York’s UFO lore. They’ve prompted investigations and continued interest in understanding the unexplained occurrences witnessed by residents in the region. Each event contributes to the ongoing conversation about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the mysteries of the cosmos, leaving an intriguing legacy in CNY.