What Is A Lucid Dream?

A Lucid Dream by definition is a dream in which the dreamer realizes that they are dreaming. The phenomenon of having experiencing a Lucid Dream has been highly researched and documented as being a legitimate experience.

There are many techniques and tips to induce lucid dreaming, which I will discuss in a later post, but for now let us focus on the lucid dream itself. Now what benefits can be had from learning how to Lucid Dream? Well some and I am sure those who have had a lucid dream would agree, think that basically you can practice or even learn while in the dream state.

Why would you want to try this? Well say you have a problem or project you aren’t sure about, if you were lucid in a dream about said project or if you just high jack one of your other dreams you could then work out the problem without the fear of real life consequences.

This could prove to be a very beneficial technique to master.  In theory you could even learn skills that you do not possess in waking life and carry them over.

What Is A Lucid Dream? Can Anyone Have One?

As more and more people are learning of the Lucid Dream it pops up more in modern culture.  The phenomenon however, has been around since the 8th century in Eastern cultures such as the Buddhist monks of Tibet, and in western culture as written about by Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Unfortunately most dreamers never realize that they are dreaming, and if they do happen to catch a glimpse will wake up immediately upon becoming lucid, this is where the practice will come into play.

Once mastered the Lucid Dream state is one that can be very beneficial to a persons well being both mental and physical.