How To Lucid Dream

Ever wonder how to lucid dream?  In one of my last posts I touched on what exactly a lucid dream is.  Now I hope to provide a few basic techniques that some dreamers use to induce a Lucid Dream.

A lucid dream is one in which the dreamer realizes that they are in fact dreaming. This can be very beneficial to one’s well being however it will take some practice to achieve on a regular basis.

Here are some basic steps that will help you on the path to attaining full awareness in your dreams, which will allow you to unlock the potential of your subconscious.

Keep a dream journal. Keep a journal close by your bed and upon waking record whatever you remember. This will accomplish a few things. It will help you see what some common things that you dream about are so that you can spot them when you are dreaming. Also it will tell your mind that you want to remember your dreams thus promoting greater dream retention.

Choose a good time to try to experience a lucid dream. Studies have shown that dreamers who take a nap in the afternoon have a greater tendency to experience a lucid dream. Lucid dreams occur in the REM cycle usually right before you wake up.

Wake Back To Bed Technique. This is a common technique and has produced the greatest amount of success in dreamers. Set your alarm clock to wake you after 5 hours of sleep, then once awake focus on reentering into the dream as you fall back asleep. Focus on being aware and lucid.

Wake Induced Lucid Dream or WILD Technique. I have personally had success with this particular technique.  The best time to do this is a mid morning or afternoon nap, especially if you have not slept a full night prior. 

Get relaxed in some loose fitting clothing, and as you are lying there focus on your breath, as if meditating, you can even repeat a mantra like “I will be Lucid” over and over as you drift into sleep.  If down properly with practice you will take you waking awareness into the dream world with you.

Do Reality Checks. This is also a technique I find very helpful and have success with.  Certain things in the dream state do not function as they do in the real world.  If you know what to look for you can do little tests to see if you are dreaming or not. Some common things to check would be to one flip a light switch. 

In dreams electronics have a tendency to not work. Take a look at a digital clock. When dreaming digital clocks will not remain constant they will change, a sure sign you are dreaming. Try jumping, if you float it is a dream.

Lean on a wall,if you fall through you are dreaming. Also your reflection in a mirror will not appear, or will be blurry in a dream. Warning: Looking at your reflection may cause you to see it as very distorted and scary triggering a nightmare.

How to Lucid Dream: Final Thoughts

While there are many more techniques out there I feel that these are a good starting point for anyone interested in How To Lucid Dream.  Be aware that upon realizing that you are lucid in a dream your body will try to wake you up.

If this happens just try again and remain calm. Also in certain instances sleep paralysis will occur. If this happens do not panic, it is natural and you will not be harmed just wiggle your toes or try to swallow, this should snap you out of it.

Lastly remember you’re trying to learn how to lucid dream, so have fun, be safe, and enjoy.