Mayans 2012: A Different View

The Mayans and 2012 are everywhere right now, but what does it all mean?  Popular culture, and our corrupt media/govt want us to believe in the doom and gloom of said prophecies, but is that the reality.

My personal feelings are that our govt will use this and hype it into some sort of false flag scenario, that will rope all of the sheeple into accepting a one world govt.

I have found an interesting documentary for our readers, that presents these myths from the view points of the Mayans themselves.  From farmers, to spiritual leaders, to teachers, and children.

This film documents how true Mayans view, and are affected by these myths.  Hear it from the mouths of the people the the world is talking about, and how it affects their culture as a whole.

Many of the population think that the world will end on December 21st 2012.  They are uninformed, and are buying into hype.  I feel that there will be a evolutionary shift in consciousness, where the enlightened will experience something on a very different level than those that are not.

So what should you do?  Meditate, try to connect with your true self and the universe as a whole, as an energy.  Place less value on physical possessions, and more on your loved ones and their feelings, seek what we truly are as humans and why we are here.  Is it to collect things?  I would say NO.