Harbinger Of Death 2012: The Next Pandemic

As we approach a very important time in our history, December 21st, 2012, or Doomsday, as some are calling it, I have been thinking about the Apocalypse a great deal. I am sure a great deal of you have as well but I have been looking to the past for signs. 

I was thinking of William Bramley’s great work “The Gods Of Eden”, which is a must read for those that haven’t, and one part kept coming back into my thoughts.  Chapter 18 -The Black Death, or the bubonic plague, it was also called.

The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in all of human history, and was at it’s height in the mid 1300s.  Now the official story is that it was spread by rats, well it was given to rats by oriental fleas, then spread by rats to the population.  This plague killed roughly 30-60% of Europe’s population, reducing the World population by an estimated 100 million people.

Now what makes Bramley’s chapter so interesting is that 1 it was written in 1979, but could have easily been written in present time, due to some of the things it describes.  In regards to the Black plague I found this very strange.  He writes that although it was attributed to vermin infestation, the plague was able to hit very remote areas that had no prior contact with areas previously infected.

He goes on to tell how during that period in history there was reports of very heavy UFO activity.  Reports from all over Europe were saying the same thing, that these outbreaks were preceded by very fowl smelling mists, or fogs, and some believed it was these fogs that were causing the plague.  Usually these mists appeared after seeing very bright lights in the sky, and in fact there are more reports on record of the mists, then there are of rodent infestations.

So what were these mists, and who was causing them?  Sounds to me and Bramley makes a very intriguing case, that these may have been germ warfare, at least a very early form of what we now call germ warfare.  The plague occurred after a series of 7 comets were seen in the sky.

As Bramley states, any bright object seen in the sky at that time was called a comet so, whether they were all actual comets or not remains open for argument.  Below is a passage from the book “The Gods Of Eden” I think will spark your interest.

In Brandengurg (Germany) there appeared in 1559 horrible men of whom at first fifteen and later on twelve were seen……… the others (had) fearful faces and long scythes, with which they cut at the oats, so that the swish could be heard at a great distance, but the oats remained standing……..

The visit of the strange men to the oat fields was followed immediately by a severe outbreak of the Plague in Brandenburg. This incident raises intriguing questions: who were the mysterious figures? What were the long scythe-like instruments they had that emitted a loud swishing sound? It appears that the “scythes” may have been long instruments designed to spray poison or germ-laden gas.

This would mean that the townspeople misinterpreted the movement of the “scythes” as an attempt to cut oats when, in fact, the movements were the act of spraying aerosols on the town. Similar men dressed in black were reported in Hungary……….. there appeared so many black riders that the opinion was prevalent that the Turks were making a secret raid, but who rapidly disappeared again, and thereupon a raging plague broke out in the neighborhood. Strange men dressed in black, “demons” and other terrifying figures were observed in other European communities.

The frightening creatures were often observed carrying long “brooms,” “scythes,” or “swords” that were used to “sweep” or “knock at” the doors of people’s homes. The inhabitants of those homes fell ill with plague afterwards.

It is from these reports that people created the popular image of “Death” as a skeleton or demon carrying a scythe. The scythe came to symbolize the act of Death mowing down people like stalks of grain………

Now where does all of this leave us?  Well I believe that 12-21-2012 will be used as a false flag event of some sort, something to tap into the fear the public has surrounding this mysterious date. 

I feel that the elite will use this method, a Pandemic,to get their desired results. We are far too smart now to fall for the hooded figures bringing doom and death, but we will fall for the flu. 

These mists, that were reported sound an awful lot like modern day chem-trails to me, your thoughts.

Will December 21st 2012 bring about the end of the world as the Mayans predicted, or will the ruling elite use that to bring about a massive population decrease as they wish? 

Please take the time to read “The Gods Of Eden” by William Bramley and please leave any thoughts in the comments below.