Orang Pendek: Homo Floresiensis?

Are the mythical cryptids the Orang Pendek the homo Floresiensis?  I am beginning to think maybe. 

I was reading some interesting info the other night about the homo floresiesnsis and I am beginning to think that the Orang Pendek myths can be attributed to them.  Let me bring you up to speed. First we will start with the Orang Pendek. 

Orang Pendek is Indonesian for short person, and is a name given to the nythical creature that inhabits the mountainous forests of the island of Sumatra.  Sightings of this hairy, bipedal creature have been documented by various sources for over 100 years. Witnesses seem to agree that this creature is ground dwelling, bipedal, covered in dark hair and between 30 and 60 inches tall. 

For us Americans that is 2.5 feet and 5 feet tall. Now this may seem like just another myth or fairy tale but then I discovered the homo floresiesnsis.  Discovery of the Homo Floresiesnis was discovered in 2003 by a team of archaeologists looking for evidence of migration of Homo Sapiens from Africa to Australia. 

These scientists were not expecting to find an entirely new species, but it seems that perhaps that is exactly what they found. Named officially LB1 because it was found in the Liang Bua cave, they found not only one but 7 more complete skeletons.  These skeletons dated from 38.000 to 13, 000 years old. 

Also discovered were sophisticated stones tools appropriate in size for the 3 foot tall individuals. These humanoids were nicknamed “hobbits” because of their small stature.  There is much debate about these skeletons, as to whether they are an entire different race, which I agree or a diseased or mutated known human species. 

Now back to the Orang Pendek, most seem to describe this creature as small and hairy humanoid, which the homo floresiesnsis is.  Also given the fact that they are both found in Indonesia leads me to believe they are one in the same.

Now what I find interesting is that this portion of Indonesia contains some of the most untouched primal forests on the planet. 

So is it possible that an fairly unknown hominid species remains  intact in an undiscovered portion of forest, and is written off as folklore?  Perhaps we as a planet need to dedicate some of our resources to finding out exactly what is here in front of us.  Just a thought.