Chupacabra: Urban Legend or Blood Sucker?

The mythical cryptid the Chupacabra, is it merely and urban legend or a real life blood sucker from outer space.

The Chupacabra as it is called, translated literally means “goat sucker”. Sightings of this reptilian like cryptid have been reported since the mid 90s. All reports maintain that this animal attacks and drains the blood of it’s victims, in most cases livestock primarily goats.

Descriptions vary slightly, however most describe them as being doglike, with sharp spines down it’s back and reptilian like skin. Other reports have said that it hops like a kangaroo. The name Chupacabra, as mentioned above comes primarily from the earliest sightings which occurred in Puerto Rico.

All of the initial attacks resulted in dead goats with peculiar punctures on the neck and no blood left in their bodies. As sightings have increased over the years, resulting in these creatures being spotted globally various new theories have arose. Some believe that due to the fact that during some sightings lights were witnessed in the sky, that they come from outer space.

This would link them to the many cattle mutilations that have occurred over the years. Others feel that they may be the pet of an alien race that came here long before humans, and have been hiding out underground and only surfacing to feed on animals.

Chupacabra Urban Legend or Alien Invader?

Like most cryptid sightings, the skeptics have tried to attribute the majority of the sightings to dogs, coyotes, or fox that have developed mange.

Sure that may explain away some of the recovered supposedly dead ones that people have claimed to have found. However it does not explain the drained blood of 1000s of livestock from Puerto Rico and other parts of the southern US. So which ever story you chose to believe the myth is still going strong almost 20 years after the first sightings.

My advice is that if you see some giant red glowing eyes outside at night and you have livestock, you better put them in the barn just to be safe.