Energy Readings with Generational Clairvoyant and Gifted Psychic

With an endless amount of readings under her belt, Shellie is willing to share her gifts via energy and card readings for all those that seek it. A generational clairvoyant that comes from a long line of family members gifted with psychic abilities.

When it comes to energy and card readings it’s hard to match Shellie’s talents. Known for her quick, accurate and always positive style. You’re sure to go back for more. As a spiritual coach her desire is to help you improve your life and find what’s best for you in the long term.

Services Available: 

Angel Card Readings, Chakra Healing, Dream Analysis, Love reading, Mind and Body, Natural Healing, Pendulum, Traveling, Face Reading, Location Selection, Relocation, Prayers And Luck, Spiritual Guidance, Yearly Reading, Dream Dictionary, Karmic Love Reading and More.