Archons: Our Alien Puppet Masters

Archons as they are known by the Gnostic followers, are alien beings believed to be controlling us from beyond our planet. In 1945 in Nag Hammadi, Egypt an earthenware jug was found containing a number of rare gnostic writings dating back to 400 AD. These writings once translated proved to be ancient biblical gospels that had escaped censorship of the church.

Gnostic teachings were banned by the church and many were put to death for having texts such as these. The Gnostics were against any interfering between man and God, something that did not sit well with the church. This would explain the reason for them being hidden.

Translations revealed an alternative description of the origin of man, and Earth that many religious leaders dismiss as myth. They describe an invasion of Earth by evil entities from outer space called Archons.

These Archons wish to feed on humanity and control them mentally, forcing humans to act in devious evil ways. This is not our nature, however the Archons are very good at deceiving us. The texts describe them as being reptilian in nature.

Were the Gnostics way ahead of their time as far as knowledge of extraterrestrial entities, or are these writings mere legend?

I know where I stand, now it is time for you to decide. Below you will find an excellent documentary about the Archons, courtesy of UFOTV on YouTube. It touches on what I have mentioned but goes into greater detail, and I hope will spark your interest to do more research.