Westall UFO Encounter: School Teacher Speaks Out

Rare audio about the Westall UFO Encounter from the only adult witness. This is big news in regards to the Westall UFO sighting that took place on April 6th 1966.

This recovered audio is of an interview with Westall high school teacher Andrew Greenwood, the only adult to witness on the scene at the time of the infamous encounter.

What’s the Westall UFO Sighting?

The Westall UFO Encounter or sighting is an event that took place back in 1966 at 11:00am on Wednesday April 6th in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. That day over 200 students and a school teacher at Westall High School witnessed something that would forever leave them puzzled and questioning what they saw.

While in the midst of some playing some sports outdoors a group of students spotted a saucer shaped object or craft in the sky. Witnesses said the object was easily twice the size of a standard car as it flew overhead and in terms of color was a mixture of grey, green and purple hues.

They further described the UFOs movement as flying downward toward them before it crossed over and flew past the southwest corner of the school building. It continued on until it descended behind a treeline and in front of Westall State School before reemerging and flying off into the distance.