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205 days ago / Magickally Staff
How to Create a Board or Blog on Magickally

Learning how to create a board/blog on Magickally is so simple you’ll think it’s magic. Simply click the folder icon in the top right corner of your screen, select a title & category and then click ‘add a board’.

That’s all their is to it!

Create as many as you’d like for as many different topics or interests as you’d like. We hope this helps everyone and makes creating a board as easy as can be.

205 days ago / Magickally Staff
How to Create a Post on Magickally

Creating a post on Magickally is as easy as can be! Simply click submit at the top of the page, make your selection between uploading a photo, pasting a URL or choosing to install our bookmarklet.

After that it’s as simple as entering your details such as a title, your text and any tags you’d like to use. Once you’ve complete that simply click ‘Pin It’ and you’re done!

205 days ago / Magickally Staff

Psychic streaming online.

At some point all of us get curious about psychic readings. Unfortunately it is always difficult to find out more information about each reader that’s out there. That is why we have added a new section on Magickally that is dedicated to just that.

Browse the new psychics section and you will be able to read up on psychics, clairvoyants and various other readers of all types. Now you can do some background research and determine which person is the best fit for you.

You’ll also find a constantly growing collection of content to help you learn more about the psychic phenomenon.

205 days ago / Magickally Staff

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