Two Suns in the Sky Documentary

December 21, 2012 is a very well known and important date in popular culture as of late, but what exactly is the significance?  An ending of the world, as our interpretation of the Mayan calendar predicts? A mass shift of consciousness, or something more.

I have found a very informative documentary by 2012 researcher Marshall Masters that takes a look at the phenomenon from a different view.  He offers an in depth view of the predictions from a crop circle formation he calls the 2012 Star Map Of Doom.

Known to the research world as Avebury 2008, it predicts that in 2012, we will begin to undergo a planetary catastrophe that will include a pole shift as predicted by Edgar Cayce.

This documentary gives an interesting back story to Master’s book “Crossing The Cusp:  Surving The Edgar Cayce Pole Shift”.  A must watch for all interested in the 2012 conspiracy.