Mystical Rajneesh Movement: The Fall of Cult Leader Osho Documentary

In the vibrant era of the 1970s, a fervent pursuit of enlightenment, spiritual awakening, and liberated expressions of sexuality emerged. Bhagwan, leading an Ashram in Poona, fervently encouraged disciples to embrace meditation and engage in tantric practices to elevate their consciousness. This documentary covers the rise and fall of the Rajneesh Movement.

Amidst this, Hugh, tasked as the guru’s protector, observed the dynamics among the followers. Sheela, drawn to the cause, assumed the role of Bhagwan’s secretary, swiftly rising to become a commanding figure in his Oregon mountain community.

Initially hailed as a spiritual guide, Bhagwan faced sensationalized scrutiny from Western media dubbing him a “sex-guru,” accentuated by his ostentatious collection of Rolls-Royces.

However, what started as a promising vision ultimately spiraled into chaos—a journey that led Hugh to a mental breakdown and Sheela to a prison sentence. The captivating ascent into enlightenment transformed into an unforeseen nightmare, prompting reflections on where the trajectory veered off course.