Chemtrails: Conspiracy or Are They Real?

Let’s take an in depth look at the chemtrails conspiracy and see if they are actually for real based on extensive research done by these documentary filmmakers.

For those of us who have witnessed the phenomenon it’s hard to deny that it does look suspicious but is it really just exhaust like the major media outlets always claim or is there more to the story?

The thing is all of us see planes fly over head all the time but when you see one that’s just billowing a smoke looking substance out of the tail end it does seem quite odd. If you’ve seen one you’d easily be able to see the major difference between a typical airplane flying by vesus a plane spraying chemtrails.

When you look to the sky and see such huge clouds crisscrossing the skies it leaves even the most skeptical person with doubts in their mind. It’s easy to blow off non-mainstream ideas when we don’t see them with our own eyes

This documentary titled What in the World Are They Spraying by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger gives an in depth look at the chemtrail phenomenon we see taking place more and more in the United States.

It’s over a hour long so make sure to sit aside some time to enjoy this one.