Meditation For Sleep: 4 Techniques

Meditation For Sleep? Really? Many of you out there I am sure are like us, that is to say night owls.

Even the most nocturnal us however like to get a decent night’s sleep every now and then. maybe you work swing shift, or keep normal hours and are just stressed out, keeping you from achieving quality rest. When pills, and powders aren’t a viable option, Meditation for sleep is. It is much healthier and gentler on your body and your mind. Now what exactly is Meditation for sleep, and do you have to be experienced or trained?

Well first off Meditation For Sleep is just that Meditation For Sleep. No tricks no moves just simple meditation techniques which I will post for you here. The Premise behind Meditation For Sleep in a nutshell is to relax, calm yourself and let the stresses of the day go. You will never get a good night of sleep if your mind is racing, or if you are dwelling continuously on certain aspects of your day.

These techniques work best right before bed, but you can practice them throughout the day as your time allows, you will not go into a deep trance, nor do you need any other experience in meditation. Please enjoys these tips on Meditation For Sleep and I hope you all get some well deserved rest.

  1. Focused Breathing – This sounds simple because it is. Just lie down with your hands on your stomach and breathe in and out slowly, while focusing on your breath. You may want the room to be dimly lit, or listen to soft music. Focusing on your breath allows your mind to not focus on the stress of the day and can be very calming.
  2. Imagery – This one there is no rule for, just imagine a place that is calm and soothing for you and go there in your imagination. Trust me it works. It could be a beach, or the park where ever you would be carefree and relaxed.
  3. Counting Backwards –  We have all heard of counting sheep, or seen the hypnotist counting his subject down. They do this because it works, it distracts your mind and allows you to focus on things other than the daily grind. Take a deep breath and you exhale count back slowly from whichever number you like, or perhaps imagine counting sheep, or apples, or UFOs whatever works for you.
  4. Focused Meditation – This involves thinking about one aspect of your day, concentrating on it then just letting it go. Be gone with it for the night and think about it no more. A very simple yet effective technique.

You may decide to try one or even a combination of these Meditation For Sleep, techniques and I encourage you to do so. There are no rules just relax and try to take your mind off of your daily stresses and worries.

I know this is easier said than done but remember you have to take care of yourself so you have another day to face and conquer these worries.